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Immigration Bonds



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Call Signature Bail Bonds right now! We can get your loved one out of jail, we can usually have them out the same day.  (714) 240-2245

When one of your loved one has been arrested by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) aka La Pinche Migra that situation can seem very desperate. Don’t panic!

What happens?

The first thing that should happen is that the accused will be taken into custody. 

If you are there, make sure that they stay calm and don’t resist arrest.

  • Don’t run away!
    • Do not argue or physically fight with the officers.
      • Ask politely where the accused will be taken.
        • Make sure that you reassure the accused (and yourself) that there is a process and you will work your way through it.

      Your family member or friend will arrive at the processing center or jail and be taken through the process. 

      This can take up to 48 HRS! Call us to start the preparations to bond them out!

      We will recommend the best way to get them out!

      The Bond Process

      The immigration bail bond process begins with the arrest of an illegal alien by the Department of Homeland Security Immigrations Customs Enforcement, that person is then taken to a federal law enforcement station for processing and booking. 

      The bond therefore is posted to the federal government. They are diffrent that regular bail bonds.

      Immigration bond amount is set by an immigration judge or via custody determination after an interview with the alien by a Deportation Officer. 

      The amount of an immigration bond is determined by the Department of Homeland Security—there is no standard amount. 

      An outside party (co-signer) must pay—also referred to as post or “put up”—the immigration bond. If the outside party cannot pay the full amount of the bond, they must make arrangements with an a immigration company.

      Signature Bail Bonds will help you get the bond posted in order to get the person out of ICE detention.

      How We Help

      An immigration bail bond, technically a “surety bond”, is a three-party contract between the Homeland Security, the Obligor (Surety) and co-obligor Signature Bail Bonds, and the Principal (also called defendant, or alien). 

      It is the Surety/ Agent who guarantees to Homeland Security that the alien–when released on bond–will be present for each and every time the judge requires to appear in the future.

      The co-signer guarantees to the Bondsman that he/she will make sure that the alien appears when required. 

      For this service, the co-signer is charged a bond fee or premium. 

      Signature Bail Bonds fees are usually 10% of bond amount plus collateral.

      The co-signer of the contract (usually a family member or friend of the detainee) guarantees to pay the full amount of the bond if the alien fails to make scheduled appearances.

      To arrange a bond, collateral is needed, such as equity in a home. 

      At Signature Bail Bonds we are very creative and have different options to get the person home! 

      COLLATERAL: Credit Card, Real Estate, Cash and Business owners.

      We also have GPS monitoring systems that can be an option.

      Once we have the proper documents are prepared, Signature Bail Bonds will process the paperwork immediately! 

      Immigration Bail Bonds can only be processed Monday thru Friday except on holidays. 

      The bond gets posted and the inmate will be released within a few hours. 

      It is recommended that bond is posted before noon for release of inmate same day.

      Call one of our specialists at Signature Bail Bonds to get your loved one out  of INS custody today. (714) 240-2245