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What To Do When Someone Is Arrested!


1. Person Is Arrested!

Your loved one is arrested by the police!  The police takes them to jail at the local city or county jail! Person will be booked and charged with whatever crime they are booking them on! Normal time for booking at a city jail is 2-4 hours. County jail can take 6-12 hours. Get ready to call Signature Bail Bonds (714) 240-2245


2. Call Us!

After the person is booked and bail amount is set, the first thing to do is contact Signature Bail Bonds for FREE  bail information. We will call the jail get detailed information on arrest and call you back with bail information. We will need defendant’s name , date of birth and what city the person was arrested.


3. Processing & Release

We then will explain the process and figure out the quickest way to release your loved one. 

We will explain, what your responsibilities would be as a co-signer.

We will help you with a payment plan if needed and if you qualify for a signature bond.

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